I surprised my husband with the gift of the mosaic portrait produced by PixGift and not only was he totally
surprised, but completed shocked, amazed and happy. This new innovative idea to capture the gift of
giving allowed us to create an endearing keepsake and friends and family all over the country were able to
participate. It was so much more meaningful than just sending a card with a monetary gift. He has been
looking at his portrait daily since he received it.

I love to do things that are extraordinary and this gave his bday celebration a different spin. Everyone I
shared the idea with has been impressed and interested in using for their friend, family, church and
organizations. I look forward to using the idea for my non-profit organization's fundraiser this year. Thank
You PixGift for sharing, this is the BEST!!!!!!!!
Marviette U.
This is beyond AWESOME! I am going to contact the guys from Warrior Service Dogs and start spreading the
love. This is such a great idea. I LOVE IT! Thank you for all you have done in support of this.
I've just purchased the easiest giftcard from my bed! Who wants to go out in this weather? Thank you
@PixGift for making life easy!
WOW -- thank you! We are so grateful for your outreach on behalf of CRS. Your dedication will directly help
provide life-sustaining support to the many families in Nepal still struggling to rebuild. I will also share your
beautiful heart with our whole department! Thank you! Laura
Like any other fundraiser, it certainly has its challenges, but it’s so worth it. I’ve done fundraisers throughout
the year that have engaged donations and involvement from the community, but it didn’t produce the kind
of connection with those community partners that this image did. Being able to look at it and see everyone
who helped you in your journey, is something beautiful, and it’s something you can hold and have forever.
Rebecca Gordon. Youth Programs Coordinator. Habitat Forsyth.
We actually started reaching out to some small businesses in the area about uploading their logos. It’s
such a small sponsorship for them, and it is great advocacy for us! I love the collage! It’s even better than I
You are amazing to help us raise this much. Thank you to Adriana and Pixgift for creating a great visual
platform to show how the community supports the Hispanic League and believes in our goal of providing
scholarships. In addition to PixGift working with us, they were a driving force to keep us focused on our goal! 
We appreciate you!"

I wanted to say thank you for your help with the PixGift campaign it was a remarkable experience. 


the power of images & the crowd