What Does it Actually Mean, to Give the Perfect Gift?

There is really only 1 thing that is done in every culture throughout the world, in all history-


It just seems so natural, doesn’t it? No matter who you are, where you are, and who your loved ones are… It’s always appropriate to gift them something special- something that no only enhances their lives, but shows how emotionally important they are as well.

However, it can be tricky, sometimes to nail down the perfect present for someone. It’s so intangible and hard to describe this particular struggle- one that millions of people feel every year as they hopelessly wander around Walmart, hoping something catches their eyes as the perfect gift.

What Does it Actually Mean, to Give the Perfect Gift?

Posted on Monday, February 10, 2020

Why is it sometimes so hard?

Well, there are two elements to every good gift;

1. The gift can have practical use

2. The gift can have emotional value, and be personal

A gift can do either of those two things and be a good gift. To be a truly GREAT gift- it should do both.

Think of it this way- everyone uses socks. In fact, we use them every day. They’re supremely practical. And yet, ‘socks and underwear’ is almost like a trope for ‘boring’ and ‘unemotional’ gift. Why? Is it because we don’t use socks? Of course not!

The problem with such a gift is that it captures no emotions. It will keep their feet warm, but not their hearts.

The other element of a good gift is arguably the more important- the emotionality.

Imagine receiving a framed wedding picture from your child or a sibling on their wedding day. Is it *practical*, per se? Well, no, unless you need a paper airplane. What makes this gift special is the EMOTION it conveys!

Now, what if you could combine those two? What if you could give the *perfect* gift that they’ll use, and appreciate using… While thinking of their relationship with you, and feeling happy?

It’s simple, once you get down to it- it just takes a bit of knack. What kind of gift is both practical and conveys love?

How about a coffee mug for your friend who loves to drink lots of coffee… Printed with a picture of something personal and fun- say, his dog and your dog playing in the park? Or you and them on vacation?

They’ll use it every day for coffee, and think of you and be happy because of the good memories it invokes, and all the warm emotions they will associate with it.

Here’s a cheat sheet- if I’m ever truly stumped on what to gift someone, I just do a one-two combination. Meaning, I give two small gifts together: I’ll give a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, along with something simple and personal- perhaps a stuffed toy of their favorite animal.

The gift card is essentially just pure money, which is as practical as it gets…

Meanwhile, the other gift only needs to focus on being emotional significant. If they just love dolphins, they’ll really appreciate that you thought to get them a cute stuffed dolphin.
This, of course, is the founding principle of Pixgift.

Money is the single most practical gift in the world. It can turn into anything. But it’s also the most impersonal and unemotional gift in the world. Think how you’d feel if your best friend gave you a check for $250 for Christmas.

Yeah, you’d use the money, and appreciate it, but somehow it would feel hollow. Why? Because money isn’t personal, by itself- even though everyone loves money, it needs to be MADE personal.

With Pixgift, we help people gift money in a way that carries emotional value. With Pixgift, you’ll have the ability to get a collage of every person who makes a financial gift. This not only allows people to comfortably ask for, and give money… It makes a financial gift last forever, in tangible form!

A picture is worth a thousand words, after all, and a gorgeous wedding picture full of happy faces of beloved friends and family will adorn the mantle for years to come.
What’s your favorite gift you’ve ever given, or received?

Write us and let us know!

-Blake Dresner
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The idea for PixGift started when orchestrating a fundraising project for two college students on a mission to see the world.  To our surprise, the first giving board fundraiser not only was successful at raising the money, but it also created a strong community around the cause.  Seeing this success and the tremendous potential of the idea, PixGift was officially born! Since that time, PixGift has grown, helping people and organizations create collective visual experiences that capture the gift of giving and make it meaningful for everyone.
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