How Fundraising Can Influence the Longevity of a Protest


The Civil Rights protests lasted 381 days. The Hong Kong protests have been going on for a year and three months. The BLM protests are only in their infancy, having spanned almost a month at this date in time, yet has already garnered support over the globe. There are many factors that go into the lifespan of a protest, the spirit and will of the protestors being one of the main factors of course. However, to maintain momentum for such an extended period of time is no easy task. Coordination and unity are essential. The protestors must be properly equipped because protesting isn

t easy. You are out marching in any number of weather conditions, exerting your energy towards the cause you so profoundly believe in.


However, there is one monumental difference with the BLM protests, that being that they have materialized in the middle of a pandemic. Moreover, the virus we are faced with can be spread by doing something as simple as grabbing the door handle after an individual that just coughed into their hand. In this




you can see that the BLM movement has entrenched itself in every continent. With pandemic and all, protestors spurred by their passionate emotions have put themselves at risk to make sure their voices are heard.


With such a colossal movement, it is surprising that fundraisers are not doing more. This is an opportunity for fundraisers to show how truly influential they are. Fundraisers can be set up by organizers to provide peaceful protestors with masks, hand sanitizers, and many other supplies to ensure they are able to voice what is weighing their hearts and minds. With a movement of this size happening in the digital era, why aren

t more fundraisers optimizing the technological tools available to them in order to play a larger role in the direction that these protests will go in? Fundraisers can show their support without being too nuanced and step into an instrumental role to ensure that peaceful protestors have the means to articulate themselves for an extended period of time. Simply, fundraisers can serve to protestors as to what fuel serves to vehicles.


At PixGift we think in creative and meaningful ways to bring people together


to amplify the voices of a cause. Through the collective creation of symbolic mosaics, we leave tangible traces of the power of

Who We Are

as a community. To inspire fundraisers to serve protestors here are some creative juices for


a virtual march fundraiser to invite supporters to #WalkTogether while contributing funds to buy masks, water and other supplies. On this


you can test and see a


of a friend-raiser + fundraiser in action dedicated to combating social injustice.


So, what maintains the momentum of a protest? The protestors deeply resonate with the message they want to get across. The protestors form a community that cares for one another. And the fact that everything is so interconnected now has only increased the opportunity for fundraisers to show how truly influential they are to make a better world for everyone.



s safe to say if given the opportunity, digital tools probably would

ve been used in the Civil Rights movement. During this particular time, for those that may not be able to go out and physically protest, they could donate to a fundraiser for masks and put an image of their choice up on our platform PixGift. Swap masks for water, hand sanitizer, and other supplies, combined with the fact that since its virtual these fundraisers could be held anywhere in the world, and you have the potential to leave a long-lasting impact on a meaningful cause. Unlike many other fundraising efforts, PixGift is not only online but has the ability to create a genuine effort from communities located in any corner of the world through its ability to use images as a channel to generate emotional networks.


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The idea for PixGift all started in the heart of North Carolina while orchestrating a fundraising project for two college students on a mission to see the world.  To our surprise, the first giving board fundraiser not only was successful at raising the money, but it also engaged emotions and created a strong community.  Seeing this success and the tremendous potential of the idea, PixGift was officially born!  Since then, PixGift has grown, helping people and organizations create collective visual experiences that inspire communities to work together and achieve shared goals.
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