Meaning in Giving the Pixgift Way
Libby Biersach

A life milestone is coming

wedding, graduation, bar-mitzvah. Family and friends will want to celebrate you by giving you a gift. Giving gifts are an exchange of emotions and makes both the giver and the receiver feel uniquely connected. And when sometimes receiving cash gifts would be better, why is it so hard to ask for monetary gifts? Why is giving money perceived as impersonal? How do you make this happen without any uncomfortable feelings?


We believe it is vitally important to understand that people want to feel heard, valued, and needed. The only way to make gifting money meaningful is by becoming aware of the needs and wishes of the donor. Find ways to make connections with others by putting yourself in their shoes and become aware of other’s perspectives. Build empathy.


Gifting money can seem like a transaction, and one that few are willing to make because it does not carry emotions and memories. It can be hard for friends and relatives to wrap their heads around giving in this way. Donors need to feel like they are contributing to something meaningful and are compelled by an emotional connection. Images hold immense power to augment the emotional influence on people and communities.

Pixgift uses pictures as a way of making cash in lieu of gifts more desirable and purposeful for everyone, especially the donor.


Our image-based and donor-centered approach ties donors together, connecting at a personal level to make them feel involved, appreciated and part of a memory.  Our approach easily softens the request for money, creating a positive experience for your donors while pooling truly significant funds for you.

We view donations not as a transaction, but a contribution that establishes a stronger connection between people.


Pictures and selfies are part of today’s global culture and provide an avenue for self-expression. So, why not use them as a way of making cash gifts more desirable and purposeful for everyone, especially the donor?


Our photo mosaic and the keepsake that’s created from a full mosaic makes the donor feel appreciated. Regardless of the sum of money, their donation contributes to the image as a whole, a visual representation of community. Through this visual approach, gift givers play an active role in the giving experience, increasing the sense of engagement rather than leaving them feeling like simple responders to a transaction request.


Images have the ability to make your event observable. PixGift photo mosaics bring your celebration out of the digital space to leave physical traces of your donor’s actions and make them feel their ordinary gift of money is something extraordinary. After all, that is what your life milestone is about, right?


-Libby Biersach






How to make cash gifts meaningful and personal

Posted on Monday, June 15, 2020

The idea for PixGift all started in the heart of North Carolina while orchestrating a fundraising project for two college students on a mission to see the world.  To our surprise, the first giving board fundraiser not only was successful at raising the money, but it also engaged emotions and created a strong community.  Seeing this success and the tremendous potential of the idea, PixGift was officially born!  Since then, PixGift has grown, helping people and organizations create collective visual experiences that inspire communities to work together and achieve shared goals.
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