Why the Case of Kodak Cameras Should be Taken Seriously Be Everyone


When you think of fundraising you think of simply donating to a cause and hoping that the entity on the receiving end benefits from your donation right? There is a big problem with that way of thinking, and that is that it is a very outdated way of thinking. In a time where most aspects of the human experience have been made available online, why is it that fundraising has been neglected and left the same way it was 20 years ago? What fundraising is running the risk of is landing in a similar situation that once photography behemoths Kodak find themselves in today.


The case of Kodak is not a unique one to be completely honest, we saw the rise of a giant, and then we saw it toppled over by another giant, that being digital photography. When Kodak first came out in the early 19th century, it was revolutionary due to the fact it had opened the doors for millions to get into photography, Kodak essentially birthed amateur photography. Championing the Kodak camera on the slogan

you press the button, we do the rest

, the Kodak camera was able to spur a new generation of photographers, with anyone being able to get behind a camera and create their personal works of art. How did something that gained such a strong footing from being loved by millions go to unremarkable and practically nonexistent?


Something went terribly wrong for Kodak that caused it to lose its irrefutable grip on the photography throne. That something was Kodak

s inability to

innovate or die

. The thing is that while humans are constantly creating new things, a lot of the time we are just building on and improving on old things. This is where Kodak fell short. When digital photography began to gain popularity, Kodak was aware but was not putting enough attention towards the rise of digital photography. This is one of the strongest indicators that whether you are a global conglomerate or a sole individual, if you are unable to adapt to the everchanging variables in the world around you, you run the risk of your idea fizzling out. Fundraising is an area that has remained stagnant for years now, with fundraisers not opting to adapt to the plethora of digital tools that are now available.


While there may not be one, overarching solution to this issue, there are plenty of steps that fundraisers can take to give themselves the update they need to succeed in modern times. As stated earlier, a lot of the human experience has been made accessible online, the most significant one perhaps being the social aspect of life. It is indisputable that one of the reasons the social aspect has been able to flourish digitally is because it has been tailored to the individual, it has a profound level of personal depth that draws individuals back in. In order to overcome the issue of disconnected donors, fundraising must adapt in a similar way.


The giving experience should incorporate social aspects, after all a group of individuals donating to a certain cause obviously have things in common, These donors should feel more like a community giving back, not a group of strangers making separate transactions towards the same cause. We have the tools available to us to incorporate the social aspect into giving yet have remained at a standstill in our progress. The result is the dilemma fundraisers now find themselves in, where they are unable to build empathy with their base and keep donors engaged and interested.


As stated before, while there may not be a one-shot solution, there are many steps that can be taken to address this issue. And as will all scathing issues, the first step can easily be the most important. So, what direction should fundraisers be moving towards? Fundraisers should be aiming to create platforms that garner a sense of community, where their donors will be engaged with likeminded individuals due to the social aspect being integrated. If fundraisers want to avoid the Kodak situation, they must

innovate or die



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