The idea for PixGift all started in the heart of North Carolina while orchestrating a fundraising project for two college students on a mission to see the world.  To our surprise, the first giving board fundraiser not only was successful at raising the money, but it also created a strong community around the cause.  Seeing this success and the tremendous potential of the idea, PixGift was officially born!  Since that time, PixGift has grown, helping non-profits, businesses and individuals meet their fundraising goals across the United States.
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In light of recent disasters our social entrepreneurship group decided something needs to be done to help our world recover and strengthen our fragile health systems. All of these natural disasters have and will continue to ruin people’s homes, lives and ways of life. We are choosing to donate our money to Direct Relief charity whose mission is to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty and emergencies.

By selfie-ing and buying a title of the earth you can help our team to support Direct Relief’s efforts to help our fellow families affected by these disasters. Join our team and help us take care of the earth and its people!

GOAL $2,500