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Posted on Monday, August 10, 2020

Focusing on Online Donor Acquisition


Most of the funds that nonprofits are able to pull in annually are derived primarily from individual donors, not corporations or grants. What this means for you and other fundraisers alike is that if you hope to address the struggles that COVID-19 has prompted, it is imperative to connect with individual donors online. Donor management systems and monetary returns/data provide key metrics for donor retention. Beyond the surface however, one can see that these things are simultaneously causing fundraisers to lose the most fruitful asset of their jobs: a personal connection with their supporters. At PixGift, we believe that early donor interactions should be less transactional and more transformative.


PixGift is not a donor management system, we are far from it. We are dedicated and driven towards creating fun, visual, and simple giving experiences that will help you inspire donors on the online fundraising journey, connect with new audiences, and spread the word about your cause. With this steppingstone, you will be able to pave your own path towards donor retention.


We are leaving an inflection point in which the internet has become more relevant than ever. Fundraisers are far from an exception to this change. To help you understand the online giving journey you can start with these four rules:


  • Empathy. Understand your audience on a multi-layered level, know them in and out. People do not give to organizations, but rather through them. At its core, giving is a well-balanced mixture composed of emotional and personal connections. Because of this, you should pivot your focus towards being donor-centered as opposed to approaching the situation in a transactional manner. Donors are much more than a wallet.

  • Meaningful. Digital interactions have evolved to the point where meaningful, emotional connection can be elicited, especially if these interactions allow the users behind them to attach their own, personal content to said interactions. Online fundraising is a multichannel approach that requires your concentration in each channel. Your fundraising page, emails, social media, websites, images, text, and design should all come together in a fluid and cohesive manner to establish an emotional connection.

  • Sense of engagement. It is indispensable to ensure that your donors are not left feeling as if they are merely responding to a generic prompt like the impersonal donate button. And yes, I said FEELING, emphasis on that. It is psychologically proven that when users FEEL engaged, they are more inclined to play an active role, which in turn provides you with the potential to improve donor experience. Your fundraising tools should accomplish the following for your donors: feel involved, appreciated, and with an active role in finding a measurable solution.

  • Build on human connections. On the internet, there is little room for a face-to-face interaction. Just because there isn’t a ton of face-to-face interaction though, does not mean that these digital interactions can’t be personal. Make your donor acquisition events personal and participatory to enable donors to realize their internal motivations. It is critical to remember that just because an event is virtual, does not mean you can’t make it personal.


COVID-19 has monumentally altered what the majority of non-profits have been doing traditionally. On the internet, you play by different rules. At PixGift, we believe that online fundraising or friend-raising events are the starting point for building new relationships and a way to market your cause, not your organization. Continuously treating your donors like ATMs will leave you wonder why they decided to stop giving.


PixGift is an image-based platform that augments the emotional influence images hold to improve the donor experience in order to increase low engagement, strengthen communities, and raise funds. We work with our clients to help them launch successful online fundraisers, find the proper tone of their messaging, and get creative storyboards and pilot campaigns aimed to raise funds and friends while creating collective and symbolic mosaics that serve to magnify voices on social media and leave tangible traces of the unity found within your community.


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The idea for PixGift all started in the heart of North Carolina while orchestrating a fundraising project for two college students on a mission to see the world.  To our surprise, the first giving board fundraiser not only was successful at raising the money, but it also engaged emotions and created a strong community.  Seeing this success and the tremendous potential of the idea, PixGift was officially born!  Since then, PixGift has grown, helping people and organizations create collective visual experiences that inspire communities to work together and achieve shared goals.
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