Wacky Wig Challenge

Join the Wacky Wig Challenge and bring hope and smiles to women battling cancer.


  1. Snap a photo of yourself wearing a "wacky wig" - a wig, scarf, hat, mop, cat, plant, yarn ball... whatever you choose. Get creative!
  2. Post your photo and donation to our Giving Board.
  3. Share your photo by email or on social media with #wackywig and www.pixgift.com/wackywig. Challenge 5+ friends to join the cause and help multiply smiles.

Learn more about the CHRISTALine Studios' WIGwell initiative and how you can help women in challenging circumstances hold their heads high.

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Officially launching on Tuesday, Dec. 11, CHRISTALine Studios' "Wacky Wig Challenge" is an online giving campaign raising funds for its WIGwell initiative with the goal of funding 100+ free medical wigs within the next year. WIGwell (formerly called MEDwig) custom medical wigs are built on sculpted blocks shaped with precision to the exact measurements and curvature of clients’ heads to ensure unsurpassed fit, grip, and comfort. This is especially important for individuals undergoing medical treatments that can increase skin and nerve sensitivity. Each wig is hand-tied from 100,000 human hairs and takes 125 hours to create.

The Wacky Wig Challenge is a way for you to spread smiles and support for these individuals. You can help us provide these wigs at no cost to patients, preserving the dignity and confidence of individuals battling cancer and other medically-related hair loss conditions . Recognizing the emotional, physical, and financial burdens, the CHRISTALine Studios' WIGwell initiative provides these custom medical wigs free of charge as a service to the community.   Your contributions, submitted through the Giving Board above, go directly toward WIGwell materials and labor. Each completed Giving Board represents one donated custom medical wig to an individual experiencing medically-related hair loss.

What's a "Wacky Wig"? Whatever you decide to put on your head with purpose - a  wig, a scarf, mop, book - you name it. Get creative and spread some joy! 


"Everyone involved was so caring, and they respected my feelings. My wig has made a world of difference in how I feel about myself since losing my hair."
"What a great experience, I can't believe how real it looks!"
"It's not really vanity, your hair is a part of who you are...it made me feel normal again!""
"I love this wig!!!!! It's nice to see people who care, enough to put in this kind of effort.""